Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the most reliable, cost effective services and assessment tools for environmental and geotechnical studies.

Company Profile

Founded in 2002, by professionals in the environmental and geotechnical engineering industry, Saberprobe LLC maintains a staff experienced in geology, geotechnical investigtaions, environmental science, and drilling that is dedicated to the mission of providing their clients with the most reliable, cost effective services and assessments tools.  Our staff has practical experience working with a broad range of business entities such as:

  • Contractors and Developers

  • Design-Build Firms

  • Engineering and Architectural Firms

  • Federal, State, and Municipal Governments

  • Transportation Authorities

  • Universities, Colleges, and Schools

  • Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities

  • Manufacturers and Processors

  • Financial Institutions

  • Commercial Property Managers

  • Telecommunications Companies

  • Retail Chains

  • Fuel Transportation and Distribution Companies

We believe our staff experience combined with state-of-the-art equipment makes Saberprobe LLC a valuable ally to companies providing environmental and geotechnical services. 

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Contact Information

Please contact Saberprobe LLC for your next project or for information at:

Saberprobe LLC
14506 Schram Road
Omaha, Nebraska 68138
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(402)253-8866              (402)253-8877
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Last modified: March 30, 2009